going mental with quinoa memories this morning

probably off the coast sailing round rosarita

down Ensenada way where I met you

at a little round red and yellow cantina

You were hanging with a ripped red onion

garlic G and red kidney beans tripping

Love your taut tomatoes and flirty cilantro showing off

with crazy cuke and diced avocado amigo

and I’m trying to remember correctly, precisely

and can’t for sure but a gang of peppers and cumin had to be there too

and oh yah,

a black sea bass is flippin around in my mind now

And I’m agonizing how I’m gonna do lunch

Love you sweet sweet quinoa misery. 



thee indent elbow

hello, hi, I am the indent elbow, inside view,

saying I bend in muscle amazing,

saw what happens in my natural insane just right,

open irregular manipulation,

seeing the trip,



I tend to become what I feel good about,

a leading prediction for me,

where I do what the feels good leads me

and I realize really that that is not so necessary,

yet so much is leading,

yet I am capable of seeing into it

with my present updated time warp thinking

into where I’m at now

and to allow a different flow

and I too frequently don’t

so true yet not so important


the insanity of memory

it leads me I’ve noticed

in my noticing times

hello to zoo you

how funny


Back from a hip road trip flying

down the line between dots and gones,


away from the usual,

lost in the flight.

Into flight, pretentious maybe,

but it sure felt gone to me,

away from everything I have to be,

zoom crazy.

How did I get here, back,

and a damn light

but noisy with thunder storm was expressing delight,

cracking miles away, around and about the hill over

mountain way in rain,

and it came about in continuous light rain

and I bless you with all I got,

light rain sweetly,

light rain over and again,

and you and me.

Your fragrance fits you well.



taken to underland where no bigs the deal

yet it is

cause I saw the insanity of nature

in good night bird sounds, shadows tricking delight

consciousness down winding

out in the depths of darkness

where clarity really shines



Thursday late, trash night

Really, shouldn’t be such a commotion.

Its just rain


under the arc light, lightly

but, however, I keep watching it,

feeling its light pitter pat,

and I keep watching, have to walk out into it

and back into the garage where I wonder,

splendid takes me in the piano tap genius of its kind.


Surmmer, right?

you’re the one that startled me to death

silent in the pool I felt your presence

looked briefly down n up in wondernation

and saw a reflection banging a gong

more than the millions of tambourines shaking with angst

and I saw around and you and went with a capable note

of appreciation, salutaaaah to you in the alarm you made

throwing me around kindly with a grapevine complication

memories simple in the green grape solution


hello to the night

feels right




wkend pm

The evening was open,

whatever came steppin by

saluted and given respect, yha.

Hello, enter, check around.

All is fundamental chill okey doke

and you recognize that and relax.

Oh yes, quite right,

given to another dimension of appreciation

mixed up in understandable yet stuped

in can this really be.

Given the complex nature of  out of the pattern

pervading the slant observed,

cause just not used to whacked slants,

I salute the evening for your style,