Rex the Ant

Time out

Hold on a sec

Whoa, slow way down

Its time for a drumroll and salute

For a black ant who has come calling

Paying no attention to my bigness

Nor hesitating in his quick beating the scene

To scoff at me, didn’t even cross his mind

Because he is prepping to pick up the world

Carry it back with his buddies

Dear God, did I forget female ants

About whom research indicates are stronger and more wise

Then, how did I know Mr. Ant was a He

stipha told me!

God bless ants, glorious little focused geniuses

Amazing me with their presence and renown

Busy cleaning up wicked crumbs around here

Tootaloo Rex


Complaints & Praises

Nasty bug-eyed thoughts bouncing attitude

dead-end a minute

Rights and values gone blind

Politics and lies synonymous ugly

Animals, life, our planet getting a Jack,

how heartbreaking,

on a course for calamity, gracious!

The Good one God concept of the mind

The individual Gods of religions battling

Twisted growth of developing nations

My occasional smoking, damn me

YET, there is a screaming good positivity

correcting strongly and its growing too,

fighting, which I believe in especially.

May it burst seams, hallelujah, with momentum.

And it is such a beautiful world everyday

A lovely damn life, let it exist.


She was probably a student from the Scripps

Swimming from the toe tips,

ankles angsting salty up to the knees,

just me and my little body engine

morphing in a rhythm pulsing out to sea.

Hands digging into sand cloudy shore waters

stroking deep going for the mile marker,

“No-Boats” bouncing along.


Lost my bearing and I swear a mermaid directed me,

‘Hello there out to sea

Hey, I’m Joe, lost a wee, no marker? Hey.’

“Swelling  Sea, the water, me

Watch the shore, pick a story behind your destination,

sweet returning, you’ll see,

in a darling downswell in a breeze.

You’re a lovely boy,” and then she was gone.


Found in her swell help

directing my salvation

from my dipping into kelp seaweed and water thinking

about shark fins cutting through blue before me,

going to breast stroke so I can see

the dip of fin before the bite into me.

And I slapped the salty barnacled buoy bouncing buoy.


Returned to the sand thinking no more of sea monsters,

sucking air on the lovely solid deserted cove beach.

Happy stunned in reverie,


found in the institute deep with her,

helping me

as I watch the soft black of near past twilight fading,

checking the cove, no one, hello there,

watching keenly,

listening to her Pacific love enveloping.



Saturday Night, Alright

On the porch dark alcove

light from the street directing how I see.

Distorted hanging pot vine shadows

waving in spade-subtle light tonight,

not how they might have been meant to be,

yet holy in their way that twists my thought

into nighttime midnight moving shades,

obscured imagination signing a spectrum of black hello.


Ok, well, the rain so really loved

has been blessing my greedy desires all year long.

There is a desire

Inside, felt sincerely,

when it comes, then sincerely thumps  love with grace,

I think because its worthy,

to say nothing of Zodiacos bursting in flourescent rain power,

Zeus striking thunderbolts in the Cosmos for our downpours,

Tlaloc burning with goodness, a history of love, and feared as he pours.

And I shook my hose at you and hollered “dumb asses,

the abandonment of you, what! Damn! Come On!”

in the midnight dark white dotted.


Forgiveness not imagined by them,

considering my wishful for good state. I hope.

And it has been raining quite enough here lately.


I want green to grow, life to live, spirits to overcome,

and me to be pleased in the dreamy proceedings.


Planet Wonder

Tuned in,

head on,

can’t miss you

rhythm song

is all you really are,

pulsing electric mornings

to late afternoon’s before midnight

zinging your all day wonder zong



You were there.

And Poof! You were gone.

You and everything wonderful

poofing along.


The Spring of Duh

Springing into Duh,

when sporadic drops in aliveness come creeping.

What is that about? Yug!

Disappointing drops by.

Hey, I want the buzz, damn, come on brain.


Can the noticing lows be ok

in a low sort of way,

a blooming crazy blast into dumb-grounded,


dumbed down and dolted mama!


Make it a time of contemplation.

Serious examination with tittilation on empty.

Sounds like a great time

Making the most of duh.

Just can’t wait for depression to drag its deadness by again.


A beauty mix of what have we here

lost in a,

your vibe,

and where, can you help me,

where did I go from there.


Light pursuing dark


Chase game.

Always stretched out for the obvious tag,

always reaching,

always remaining absent without enough of it.

Like wanting…

money, honey, knowledge, success, golf&God!