Hello, Hey

I stopped thinking about it

Went inhaled the reality of the beat

Fine, one of a kind, sweet,

A treat for first timers gasping just now

Knocked me off my feet

Was and then was again in real happening

Thought it was and then it happened again

Saw you smiling at me and then

It happened, killed me, shook me down, happened again


Ad Polly Nauseam

Beaming around with airy goodness,

eyes streaming, ‘What have we here?

I’ll take you into my agenda.

Dear lovely little one,

darling believer in me,

I’ll snag you up,

a digit in my pocket.’


Notice the eyes surrounding the subject


all squooshy around it

promising all you wish for their other.

We’ll be winning, come along.


A slick concerned watch

doing the slow fade into owning you.

A kind of hypnosis, much about the eyes

encompassing your beat,

inhaling, keeping you alive and vigorous,

exhaling keeping the unwanted ones out,

in the killing machine,

out taking care of sick you …

your sex, drugs, laws, policy, bing pow.


The correctness, all full of the best all right,

juggling your mind with their metronome influence,

trance stating you with big dollar messages,

jiggling you with the nickel/dime advantages they’ll gain.


Love and morality,


not necessarily.

Keep in mind




Don’t you worry now.

If you are with them everything will be alright.

It is about getting on the right page.

Get with it, turn to it, there,

a dreamland wee glimmer in too many shadows.

Heaven on the way.


Chili Verde

Woods on a fickle Fall cool

Hasn’t taken hold of tree necks yet

Messed with their equilibrium no doubt though

Around here


Autumn Asians blinking red neon verde oscuro

turned up high power, thrilling me chili.

The Maples are mocking the weather gods with their yellow/green,

won’t let go of their splendor;  Pines divine as ever.


I’m busting down not happily anticipating their goneness.

Where to go, Mexico, and a shady place to lose myself.

Live in the slippery rocks for a fortnight or two,

just me and the life in them.




Chilling with Samantha

Samantha chili James

And I’m off

on a dreamy trip




cooling on a cloud.

Tranced babe.

A real nice time.


Sailing with frustration





Planned a write, pushed around going wrong.


Ace-man wants to read with me, play monopoly, get gummy vites.

My mind is talking Mexican must-get-away soon please.

A sunny cool glorious morning is ready for a hike.

Ten intrusive must-do’s for the day, whispering, forget focus.

A Direct TV after service ?aire, gave him all nines.

Females looking especially nice, uh huh!


I am teaming with Dude Frustration, loving life with Him.

Cush along, give in, go, with the zigzag of His flow.




A slow October morning

Overcast, cool, not a breeze in the air

The Direct TV service man the only anticipation

No birds at the feeder, Sparrow hawk waited yesterday

Princess the Dachshund didn’t even bark at the paperboy

We received a new Genie Box for our three day TV dysfunction

The old lady says she wishes she could get a new butt switch like that

Dear Fall, I’m going to Mexico soon



Light functional application curving brink peripheral.

Calculus of momentum blending, turned neogenesis.

Balance of computed observation noted from zag void.


Ten thousand minds locked on a pin head cocked for firing.

Inception of idea mull projected inside a principal forever.

Thrust warp transfigures across becoming, ghosting alone.


The cosmic shift to nothing and all flaring resplendent reaches

proven along a line of sure reasoning scientific madness of truth

extended another step toward a blinding etherwhirld.



got mug

Saying Hello

with a ‘booked for delight’ tilt to the sky,

arms wide pinching a pretty flower for you.

No, not smiling, though raptured pomegranate,

serious complicated pre-thought industrial

meditation of a million cortex vibrating scintillations.


Pearly Blade, the advanced brink trimmer, sparklingly says,

slicing is serious, specifically this variety of Aphrodite Rosaceae.

We’ll be carving hearts and arrows playing hints of red.


Check this baby been burning my pocket.

Big old sunny red apple, just damn, for me and you.





Not from Plantae, please, more complicated, see.

Anemone Animalia of the cracks and hidden places of the sea.

More specifically not Poppy nor Narcissus garden flowering kinds,

though they can be intoxicating for little creatures to swim by

and concerned very much with their own predatory purposes.


Underwater waiting lovely

with their ugliness.

Bunches of luring, floating in the water, tentacle leaves.

Slim green

cylindrical slimy arms reaching out winking at prey to enfold.


Ok, why do I love them; we converse every time I go Pacific.

'Nice to see you again sir, love your slick shady green.'

Sorry, it’s their similarity to me:

A mouth—swallowing too many thoughts, beliefs and memories

which should be ?ed. Me and anemone just—enfold it all,

with retracting muscles intaking unconsciously, hungrily, then influenced.

Sorry to say, we both have gonads too, damn things sometimes.

A pedal disc, like feet kind of, that can be staggered around with.

Here Sir, A is certainly superior to me, never swaggers, just waves,

even though he is always drunken.


They too have Ostium tube type innards that meet openings,

a pharynx musculomembranous cavity thingy like we …

Hell, dark unwanted from here so screw the rest of the similarities.


Humans, leave ‘em alone, don’t be scraping them for your aquarium

or whatever other weird purpose, just to kill them maybe?

I don’t see even a tenth of what I saw years ago, some slimy humans.

Another way we’re similar, slimy similar, sorry, just let them be.




Beach Exclamations: Diary Finale

La Jolla, you were flaming good, excited to my guts, funny real.

The moments, now memories of the respite, just right.

Hell, it had been a couple years, a few eye blinks, eh.


The ladies bounce jogging where previous wave flows wetted.

Yes, must say, men jog there too. Especially noted their serious faces.

Smiling obviously enthralled, tripified, beyond reasonable measure.


Boogie boarding with lucky 7 gson, radical laughter, magical lost in fun.

He was surprised about salty on wipe outs, took him out too far.

I became surfer joe again from youth in my hometown.


Watching a pod of sea lions gliding in to sun the beach, superlative.

Got too close taking a picture of 21, could feel their emotions.

Females were amused, most indifferent, one 300 pounder ready to lunge.


Beach nights killer up-beat, sponged it. The dark measure loved me.

New wave swells laughed knowing what they had.

The dark alone guitar man did not notice me nor care how long I listened.

Near the end of the beachside walk sound dumbed down, whispered.

Only the splashing new waves care about me there.

Kept walking dark places until it came to mind I’d forgotten Blade.

Continued, dada and dadada. Too many dadas, so I returned.

Back at La Jolla shores I saw seaweed draped along a curbside.

I took a moment to pray for it and the loveliness of the times.