I peeked around the garage corner,

secret mode,

wild mind quiet.

All insanity breaking loose with two Blue Jays

heckling the birds who are going without,

jaaay jAyying the early morning blue fade skies and me whom they spied.

Flying jumping stretching through branches,

jungled big Maple tree,

every blue feather celebrating the variety of seeds I treasure boxed there.

Damn fun-noisy-beautiful sky pirates, a severe howdy to you too.


The Scene

Out there performing xyz

the scene changes to whatever it happens to be,

fascinating shades of all the colors.

I’ll recite them: all my grandson’s colored pencils,

rocking me blasted,

shining sweet fascination,

meandering prettily,

hypnotizing me about,



twinkling me to delight.

And on and on is way ok


The letters

Disquisition acquisition eia aia in sound

expanding and then back

a web, mesh catch


Snapped into it

A Mengs approved voice blow

latched me in sound

Salute, Senor Sorcerer


Lunar Kind

Full of showing his gifting delight,

wrapped in enchantment,

hasn’t a dime,

Mr. Moon high fives the night.

“Priceless” he whisper sighs,

“Diamonds are free in my godzillionaire sky.


Hunger Required

Highlight the craving covenant

You forget you made it, no

It made you,

As got you subtle, luring, strong come-on

Has your full attention, yes, demand presence

Yet with a sweet aspect on short visits

This commission has grown boringly long

Like everything unrelated to passionate pleasing contentment


Dr. Rev, Ms. Muse

Croaking riot of the marsh over a hill setting low, alive, still,

a big Friday cricket song accompanying

the hush of expanded black night-beat.

Cosmic twinkling seas of stars sigh along.

‘I am with you’ I comment from a dream.


Sadness of Bird Watching

The dear fellow of fluorescent green hums hit the window in mistaken flight

Off course zigzagging to regain consciousness

Then found the sweetness on the other side set especially for his whirring kind

Antics in the garden holding flight with a stall at arm’s length from my eyes

I haven’t seen the gangster lately or sweet dart Rosemary Jane

I watch for them

They watch the sky with a one mind eye waiting for a ride

I’ll miss you on your fly-South-American gone a while

Memories and love will have to do


Zodiacos the rain god

Heavens are storming ‘good morning’ already

Blessings coming shortly after blessings came last night

Divine thunder balls tumbling for minutes at times it seems

Rather for twenty second intervals anyway

Maybe a minute uninterrupted

Look at me exaggerating the glory of Zodiacos playing in the rain.


Dear Diary,

Random notes will do.

Old lady, old daughter, old children 7, 2 and a 1/4th year-old completed eight hours of madness at an amusement park yesterday. The three-month-old earns old since he made it through birth and circumcision.  He was also old-wise to limit himself to stroller rides and loving human contact at the park.

Neon thrill screams are cleansing.  Loops and crazy turns make one loopy. Three little boys can press the “ON” button all day long.

There was a mad lady, frightful with what she had to say, on top of the House of Horrors. A Firedragon actually flipped me upside down twice, unbelievable. The Wild Mouse, strange to say, was the most frightful ride of all. I will never ride it again.

Associated Foods were gracious hosts. People in general seemed happier like me and my crew. It was at least a fun day.


Lost in Space with Triple B

Big black-assed Bull Moose memories come calling

from last weekend’s trippy trip to high country

where Daughter Dawn Ranger-Wheeler chauffeured me

through a thick Quaking Aspen jungle.

This giant haughty stoic king of the forest cosmos

glanced a did-not-give-a-damn about us,

lost in his moment of posing

his eight foot skinny long legged bigness,

antler rack equal to his crazy tall.

He dropped to his knees for a sip

from his personal recent rain pond, zeroed on a slow drink.

Dawn backed up,

had enough, went the other way slowly.

I swear he smiled triumphant at me,

as the Quakies faded him solid

into a wonderful far out memory.