Is easy K

Easy good

Easy nice

Easy way cool

Easy no matter how

Is good all the while

Me and my friend easy

So nice me and you


Hello, it’s a good night

Wish you were here

You can’t imagine what you missed

Keep the good night, don’t ask

Despite, it is indeed a very good Easter Tide night

Smooth and slow and Easter time nice


Beep of twilight coming to night,


Sexual enlightenment strobing its light,

second gear.

A big BOOYah,

Easter break,




Odd grey black brown bird meaning business

Picking nylon threads of screen from my bedroom window

Making something special for the family

Keeping me amazed watching how bird has to do

For days back and forth high to a thick green jungle vine in front

No more screen

I wait watching vine, while bird waits inside and watches too

Five minutes quiet

Bird flies quick and gone

Then back again with a pretty big bug

Proud and knowing did the dues

The had to grub for dinner

Chilled out happy, serene in spacious nylon with friends


Breezy today, cool mid-April, love you

Aries arisen snapping a little zodiac sunshine open for you

Wonderful Wednesday with time blowing a little feel good out there

Suggestive of Spring where it happens originally in new green goodness


Blue Fade

An abstract out of my mind thing

And I hold to it

In a blue fade

Lost and I’m afraid I have been taken by fade

Where I disappear inside thoughts of you

about oh, ooo, I have no doubt, just you

You went your way, I had nothing to say

Silence in charge stating a matter of fact assumed

Can’t get over it, this quiet nothing change

Just can’t get over my blue fade into you



Glory to God

Its time to go cardio trippin

Feel my muscles pinch and quake

Until I’m numb with dumb for heaven’s sake

Pumping maximum heart beats without an attack

Then no-care comes creeping and I keep pushing beyond, whacked

Yes mam/sir, that’s me, grand fool wannabe on a mill grinding

For good long life in a questionable routine of sheer misery

Continued in the steam room cook, still haven’t died yet, goal met or not?

Sometime, God, take me if you will,

Spare me this long life bull shit trip,

Cause its gonna be flippin short nonetheless,

What’s a few hundred days, maybe thousands, more?

When it comes it’ll just be a second from now anyway.


Simple as the garden,

Gazing, amazed at the scene,

except it’s not the garden,

it’s the screen

and I’m scrolling through to what amazes you,

picturing lovely you

presentations of your pristine vision

alone with how you see.


Startled and stunned and happy to have dropped by

I bid you a happy Monday, great night adieu.

I’ll miss your charmed sight that caught me up awhile.

That is what I’ll feel, until I return again to the goods you bring,

the magic of it again tomorrow.


A pause, vacillation, a waiver,

don’t want anything to do with mention.

The Quail thing,


is troubling me-

decimated to annihilated


one in 30 returning,

watching, quick to scatter, ultra nervous,

death screaming them down.

Happy Doves, Chickadees, Jays and Starlings,

all the quicker smart flyers are thriving with songs and hellos.

Has to be the Raven clouds that blew in a fall or two ago.

My Ogden hometown is now Darkgren, the land of the Crow.


I’ve seen their subtlety,

watched in wonder, 

not recognizing their significance,

armies of birds,

air battles have begun.


It was a very fine party, sufficient okayness in the air

Tuned in to everyone, the dog and birds were there

Steady harmony thumping, a music to its rare accord

I gave a care or more, way more very well to the scene

 And it gave back as much with this morning’s smile memories